Polypody polypody

Springing from the dyke,

Polypody polypody

Nestling in the soft moss,

Polypody polypody

High up in the tree.

Hawthorn – old thorn,

Home to our fern,

Crab-apple , beech tree,

Oak, ash and elder;

Glimpsed through ivy –

On gatepost, gryke and dry-stone wall

Chinks in lime mortar and wizend bark –

Your laddered fronds wavering in the wind.

Polypody polypody

Weathering the storm,

Polypody polypody

Withering in drought,

Polypody polypody

Frozen hard in winter,

Polypody polypody

Brightest green in spring.





It’s raining acorns all around,

Tock-docking through the glade,

Sunburst glints, waving leaves,

Dancing with the wind.


Lull; lace winged silhouettes rise,

Flitting in slanting sunbeams,

Silver gossamer floats shimmering,

The fusty sweet scent of autumn.


Lying in a bed of russet and gold,

Beneath your spikey carapace

A soft whiteness enfolds you.

A crack; wakened by the light,


Opening a dark eye

To the cool, bright morning

Your brown marbled beauty

Brightens my October day.




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